Named Funds

There are over 30 families, individuals, businesses and groups who have been inspired to create a Named Fund with the Fremantle Foundation.
You can hear the story of how Santo and Joyce Merenda created the Merenda Fund by clicking here.

Why give through the Fremantle Foundation?

Choosing where and how you give is very personal. It’s a reflection of your values and often emotional, with important symbolic meaning. We are committed to helping you make the right decisions for you, your family and your community.
Your personal values – We have worked with individuals, families and groups to make an immediate impact in the areas they care about and set up a fund for ongoing future support.
Our community knowledge – We are connected to the community and use research and experience to help you identify the right organisations and the right projects for maximum philanthropic impact. We work hard to match your interest with the needs of the community.
Creating a better community – Since 2010 the Fremantle Foundation has encouraged and supported individuals, families and groups with their giving. This has created an increased number of donors addressing the critical current issues facing our community. Giving through the Fremantle Foundation contributes to a growing public response to important social issues.

What is a Named Fund?

A Named Fund is charitable fund you can set up at the Fremantle Foundation that acts just like your own Foundation.
You can:
  • make donations to the fund at any time
  • invite others to donate if you wish
  • then work with us to make grants from the fund to charities and projects you care about
  • all funds are invested by the Fremantle Foundation to earn interest and income

Start your own legacy

Starting your own named fund is a great way to get involved in philanthropy and make an ongoing difference. We believe philanthropy is for everyone so have made setting up a charitable fund as simple and rewarding as possible.
You can:
  • Start a fund with any amount and build it up over time
  • Set up a fund with the Fremantle Foundation in just 48 hours
  • Have great flexibility on how much you give into your fund, what projects and causes you support and how much is granted out

Consider this if you are:

  • Keen to support a particular local community or cause
  • Interested in hands-on, long term giving without the administrative burden
  • Looking for expertise to help you achieve your giving goals

You can:

  • Make ongoing contributions to a specific charitable beneficiary chosen by you
  • Support a range of initiatives and organisations over time
  • Set up a named fund for yourself, your family, or through your business or workplace

Benefits of named funds include:

  • Simple – with our support you can focus on the granting while we manage the details
  • Flexible – you are able to direct grants to charitable organisations and causes of your choice.
  • Impact – through grant assessment and reporting we ensure grants are effective

But I’m just an average person really, I’m couldn’t be philanthropist could I?

Yes you can. Giving in a thoughtful, effective and rewarding way is now possible for just about everyone. Each fund that has been set up with the Fremantle Foundation has come about for different, very personal reason, with varying initial donation amounts. We have funds ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands. This is philanthropy for everyone. The following are examples of donors making a difference in the community through the Fremantle Foundation. Meet our Named Fund donors