What is a community foundation?

Community foundations make local donations go further. Through the generosity of locals they build a permanent endowment to support their community forever. Globally, there are more than 1600 and they are the fastest growing form of philanthropy. Community foundations make local giving simple by providing expertise and an umbrella administrative structure. Funds are pooled and invested to generate maximum interest to support the causes and organisations donors care about.

Who decides which organisations and initiatives named funds support – the donors or the Fremantle Foundation?

When you set up a named fund, a simple document outlines the causes or organisations you wish to support. We work with you to review giving opportunities on an ongoing basis. Although legally the Fremantle Foundation trustees are responsible for every donation made by its funds, you can be part of that process if you wish.

How can I find out about the areas of greatest need in the Fremantle area?

The Fremantle Foundation is in constant contact with a wide range of community members who are well placed to inform you on the current social challenges in the area. And most importantly, the Fremantle Foundation can assist in advising how you can make effective grants that make a difference.

What do you charge for your services?

There are nominal annual service fees associated with Named Funds. We are a charitable organisation ourselves, so the small service fee contributes to our capacity.

How big is the Fremantle Foundation?

The efficient administrative model we follow means there are three staff members, Executive Officer Dylan Smith, part-time Donor Engagement Manager Sue Stepatschuk and part-time Grants Administrator Brooke Aslett. There is then support from a network of committed volunteers, including active Board members with high levels of experience in financial management, philanthropy, governance, tax law and estate planning and community development. The administrative costs of the Fremantle Foundation are partly sponsored by a number of generous corporate supporters.

I’d like to give through the Fremantle Foundation. What do I do now?

Please let us know. We can talk about what you want to do and how we can make it happen. Please get in touch.

What geographic area does the Fremantle Foundation support?

We are based in Fremantle with an obvious affinity and knowledge of the greater Fremantle area. However, we are able to support organisations or projects anywhere in Western Australia.

What is the legal structure behind the Fremantle Foundation?

The Fremantle Foundation structure is made up of the Fremantle Foundation Ltd, a charitable company limited by guarantee (ABN:19 147 249 394) which acts as the “operational” organisation. The Board of Directors of Fremantle Foundation Ltd also act as Trustees for the Fremantle Foundation Trust (ABN: 23 992 104 836). The Fremantle Foundation Trust is a Public Ancillary Fund with Deductible Gift Recipient 2 Status. Donations of over $2 to the Fremantle Foundation Trust are tax deductible.