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Impact100 Fremantle




Impact100 Fremantle inspires at least 100 donors to each contribute $1,000 annually and then pool the contributions to make high impact grants to local charities and projects.

Impact100 Fremantle is a great way to get involved in giving and together make a significant impact in the greater Fremantle community.

Join Impact100 Fremantle

To become a donor of Impact100 Fremantle you are invited to download a Pledge Form by Clicking Here.
Please fill out the details and return it to dylan@fremantlefoundation.com.

Click here to see a list of businesses and people who have pledged to Impact100 Fremantle in 2015 - as of 12 November 2015.

Apply for Impact100 Fremantle 2016

In 2016 we ask:
How do we create a culture of connection?
We are inviting submissions for creative projects that enrich our community and public spaces with joy and inspiration.

We encourage initiatives that have strong collaboration to achieve this outcome.

While creativity is a key theme this year, we are open to submissions from any area of social impact.

We are open to all ideas. Initiatives may create a culture of connection through:
  • activities – such as the arts, cultural or health based programs
  • demographics – such as young people, the aged or by gender, racial or cultural grounds
  • causes – such as mental wellbeing, homelessness or social isolation.

If your organisation are interested in applying for Impact100 Fremantle 2016 please Click Here to download an Expression of Interest Form for more information. The closing deadline for EOI Applications is 5pm, 7 June 2016.

Impact100 Fremantle


A community with a culture of giving.


We aim to:
  • Provide high-impact grants that reach underserved populations
  • Raise the profile of deserving and lesser known not-for-profits
  • Highlight unmet needs in our community
  • Increase philanthropy

 Increasing philanthropy

We inspire a rewarding giving experience by:
  • Sharing the joy of giving
  • Providing a “toe in the water” for philanthropy
  • Increase our awareness of local issues and organisations
  • Offering a range of unique opportunities for donors to be included in the giving process, these include:
    • 1 Launch
    • 8 site visits
    • 2 grant meetings
    • 1 Awards dinner
Impact100 Fremantle is a great way to get involved in giving. Through a game changing grant Impact100 Fremantle addresses community needs. Through interaction with non-profit leaders Impact100 Fremantle offers rare insight into our community, which it turn encourages further engagement as Donors, volunteers and mentors.

How it works

Impact100 Fremantle inspires at least 100 donors to each contribute $1,000 annually and then pool the contributions to make high impact grants to local charities and projects.

Our strategy includes making one primary grant of $100,000 each year – a game changing grant – empowering a local charity to dream bigger. Donors at an annual Grant Awards Dinner choose the grant recipient collectively. Donor involvement and learning is important to the strategy and process.

Who we are

We are a group of Fremantle people, from all walks of life, pooling our resources to make a lasting, positive impact to the well-being of our community.

2015 Impact100 Fremantle

In 2015 the focus for Impact100 Fremantle is Building Community Spirit.
We invited initiatives that connect disadvantaged people back into the Fremantle community.
We are looking for projects that:
  • break down barriers to opportunity and participation for disadvantaged people
  • have strong elements of collaboration (e.g. partnering with another organisation to create an outcome that neither organisation could achieve on its own)
  • activate or utilise public space making activities visible for the broader community

2015.11.12 IMPACT 100   -144

In 2015 the focus for Impact100 Fremantle was Building Community Spirit.

Home grown talent Growing Change were awarded $100,000 to establish the exciting Fremantle Social Farm through the Fremantle Foundation’s Impact100 Fremantle giving circle.

This year a record $130,000 was raised allowing the three other finalists, Befriend, InclusionWA and Lifting Horizons (Night Hoops), to walk away with $10,000.

$100,000 Major Grant Recipient: Growing Change – Fremantle Social Farm

Fremantle Social Farm is an initiative of Growing Change Australia Ltd. It is a micro-farming venture that utilises unused land, connects with vulnerable individuals and fosters group therapeutic care through horticultural programming. The grant will allow Growing Change to provide 100 horticultural scholarships for 100 vulnerable people in Fremantle over a two-year period.

After the 12 week introduction, graduates have the opportunity to lease farm land and maintain a private or shared plot, and continue harvesting produce which Growing Change sells to existing customer networks. The revenue from produce sales is shared amongst the participants, allowing them to receive a modest income as well as reinvest in further developments on their micro-farm business.

The project will deliver a sustainable community-based model to recovery, facilitate a coordinated approach to achieving social impact, and provide person-centred support for long-term solutions to mental illness, homelessness and social isolation in Fremantle.

Finalist $10,000: Lifting Horizons – The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project

The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project aims to engage at-risk, or disengaged young people, aged 12-18, and offer them safe and constructive activities on a Saturday night. The project will run over 48 weeks. There is additional opportunity for at least five young people from the program to compete in an international tournament in Singapore and to take part in a cultural exchange at United World College.
The Night Hoops Youth Engagement Project involves the very tangible success of keeping young people off the street and out of trouble, along with the more intangible successes of positively impacting their lives and helping to build cohesion in the Fremantle community. http://www.nighthoops.org/

Finalist $10,000: Inclusion WA – Freo-Connect Sport and Recreation Program

The concept for the Freo-Connect Sport and Recreation Program has been developed by Inclusion WA to address community concern surrounding high rates of crime; disengagement of local youth; and increasing rates of substance abuse; anti-social behaviour and truancy.   The program aims to improve the ability of local groups to cater for community members who are having difficulties across various parts of their lives. Inclusion WA train and mentor sporting clubs, recreational groups and individuals to assist the engagement or reengagement of those who are currently isolated. The program aims to be inclusive – to connect people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with existing local groups – by closing the physical and social distances separating people and with this it aims to bring everyone together and promote a friendly, welcoming Fremantle community. http://www.inclusionwa.org.au/

Finalist $10,000: Befriend Inc. – Befriend Fremantle Social Connector Project

The Befriend Social Network is an existing Perth-based network of social inclusion that creates opportunities for individuals to form new connections, whilst simultaneously influencing a broader cultural change around the inclusion of all individuals as valued, participating members of the community. The network empowers people at risk of social exclusion, including people with a disability, people with mental illness, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, to enhance their social and community participation through regular, localised small-scale social activities.

The events of the network enable marginalised, socially excluded individuals to participate in everyday community activities, meet new people and form genuine connections through sharing meaningful social experiences with others. http://www.befriend.org.au

2014 Impact100 Fremantle Finalists

Last year Impact100 Fremantle donors collectively raise $115,000 for four inspiring finalists. Here are the details of last years winners. FORM – 100 Hampton Road – Major Grant Recipient – $100,000

The 100 Hampton Road project aims to build personal and community wellbeing through cooking classes and communal eating onsite at the local lodging house by installing a commercial kitchen. 100 Hampton Road provides supportive accommodation to some of the most underprivileged people in our community. Many residents have mental health issues, substance abuse problems and are living isolated lives with limited social connections. form.org.au

DADAA – Finalist Grant Recipient – $5,000

DADAA will provide high level art programs for women and children experiencing mental health and homelessness in the Fremantle area. The project will engage participants at iconic Fremantle locations, build valuable skills and empower personal growth through artistic expression. www.dadaa.org.au

South Lake Ottey Family & Neighbourhood Centre – Noongar Rangers - Finalist Grant Recipient – $5,000 (plus an anonymous donation of $5,000)

Noongar Rangers is an educational and life-skills program, providing strong beginnings and cultural pride for Noongar children, aged 6-12 years. Noogar Ranges programs have previously led to significant increase in school attendance.The successful program has clear preventative strategies and supports alleviation of social isolation for children and their families. www.facebook.com/OtteyCentre

St. Patricks Community Support Centre (St. Pats) – The Fremantle Community Hub - Finalist Grant Recipient – $5,000

The Fremantle Community Hub will be a ground breaking project that will support the most vulnerable in our community, particularly those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by bringing services together, in the one place, for the first time. This will ensure service users are able to readily gain access to what they need to support them on their journey to independence and quality of life.  www.stpats.com.au  

2015 Committee Members include:

  • David McDonald (Chair)
  • Cass Beeson
  • Jane Cowling
  • Connie Handcock
  • Santo Merenda
  • Liesbeth Goedhart
  • Andrew Mostyn
  • Gabe Mostyn
  • Mayor Brad Pettitt
  • Dylan Smith
  • Keryth Cattalini
  • Ros de Souza
  • Stefanie Dobro
  • Yvonne Townes

Impact100 Fremantle

In 2015 the focus for Impact100 Fremantle is Building Community Spirit. We are inviting initiatives that connect disadvantaged people back into the Fremantle community. This is your chance to help. Find out more

Fremantle Ball 2016 – Friday July 29th – in support of the Fremantle Foundation

Join us for an inspiring and entertaining night with exciting Live and Silent auctions. Your support goes to our community’s most disadvantaged youth and families. read more.