Case Study – Nectar for Women Fund

Kylie Wheatley

As a successful local businesswoman Kylie Wheatley is proud to give back to her beloved Fremantle, a community that has nurtured her professional and personal life for many years.

Through her events company Red Tent Events, Kylie has been behind many of the regions major markets, festivals and community events over the last decade and she has never been far away from the what’s happening on the ground and what people are talking about. Nectar for Woman combines Kylie Wheatley’s passion for events and her desire to care for women in need.

After building up the popularity of Nectar, a yearly event to celebrate International Women’s Day, Nectar for Women has been established with the Fremantle Foundation.

Nectar For Women supports generations of women in areas such as birth support, post natal care and support women in need due to crisis. Nectar For Women is a way for Kylie and all those who attend her events to contribute to generations of local women, forever.