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Case study – Marine & Civil Staff Fund


For many years the generous staff at Marine & Civil did what they could to support one cause or another in the communities they worked in through out Western Australia.  Raffles, chocolate drives and casual clothes days are part of the Marine & Civil culture

When their collective annual contributions had grown to a substantial amount they saw the benefit of pooling their donations together for greater impact.

The Marine & Civil Staff Fund was born.

The staff have been inspired to grow their fundraising efforts. The much loved Friday afternoon raffle is a feature of the week and staff challenges for external events are well supported as all funds contribute to the Marine & Civil Staff Fund.


The Marine & Civil staff are proud to be associated with the Fremantle Foundation; the weekly raffle and soft drink collection were totally instigated by the staff of the Company and have raised many thousands of dollars. The Foundation is a great way to remind us of where we have come from as a business community and recognise how blessed we are as a group to be able to support others.

John Neylon, Managing Director, Marine & Civil