Case study – The Liberty Fund


Tanya-BTanya Bolingbroke is an independent business owner providing in-home lingerie measuring and bra fitting services, but to Tanya it is so much more than that:

“On a daily basis women open their doors and their hearts to me. I am in a privileged position to help women everyday improve their confidence and self esteem.”

The Liberty Fund combines Tanya’s passion for making a difference to women’s lives and helping women in need.

Given the nature of Tanya’s business it enables her to be in position to contribute on an ongoing basis towards the worthy women’s causes supported by the Fremantle Foundation.

The Liberty Fund will continually promote fundraising activities at both a personal and corporate level on an ongoing basis.

Tanya’s family heritage stems from Fremantle. She was married in Fremantle in 1998. And although she currently resides near the beach in the northern suburbs, she has purple blood in her veins! She is a loyal and very passionate member of the Fremantle Dockers and the Fremantle Sirens.